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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2005-Leseprobe

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Park, der sozusagen ,,von innen nach
außen baut" ­ und das in mehrerlei
Hinsicht. (ALK)

A Magical Forest Play Format
When word is mentioned of indoor
parks during this present indoor boom
phase, everything from a "play barn"
to an indoor hall playground, to Tropical Islands or the Space Centre is
meant (whereby the "lifespan" of the
latter plays no role in this context).
Professionally planned and constructed indoor parks such as Toverland in
Sevenum, Netherlands are still always
something special.
Conceived and built by specialists,
Toverland not only offers kids all sorts
of playing facilities ­ leisure and fun
also awaits people of all ages here.
After the first hall complex opened in
2002 and became very popular, a second adjacent hall was opened for
operations last summer. Apart from a
wildwater ride (Mack Rides) and a
bob-cart ride (Wiegand), a carousel
can also be found here, and the entire
hall is done in a "magic forest"
theme. Mountains and trees surround
the attractions in the indoor area,
while a portion of the bob-cart track
runs along outside of the building. At
the heart of all this is a "play jungle",
developed and constructed by the firm
Kaiser & Kühne, which is specialised
in large-scale custom-designed play
facilities since it went into business

back in 1988. Properly implemented,
large-scale facilities have to be playgrounds for the next generation, fulfilling the highest demands in functionality, aesthetics, durability, and workmanship quality. And, as the core of
the over 8,000-sqm large hall, this is
precisely what the new "Magic Forest" hall, which was opened in July
2004, has to accomplish for Toverland
in the Netherlands, one of the largest
indoor playgrounds in Europe.
Surrounded by fast paced high-tech
attractions such as the bob-cart, wildwater ride, and a motorbike coaster
(Vekoma), the Toverland operators

have found a convincing counterpart
in Kaiser & Kühne. The German manufacturer for playground facilities
proved that it really knows how to create challenging, exciting play areas in
both areas of Toverland.
Two net towers, 10 and 13 metres high
and joined by a catwalk, and four and
six-post wooden towers, 12 and
14 metres tall, make for impressive
accents in the 15-metre high hall.
In between these towers, the 26-metre
long jungle bridge and both of the 32metre long roll conveyors have to be
conquered. Those who want to take the
easy way can simply climb the spiral

Kinder entscheiden sich für die Ballpools
Informationen und Unterlagen bei:
Kugeln Uwe Steinfeld GmbH
Steinbergstraße 12 · D-37216 Witzenhausen
Tel.: 0 55 42 / 9 32 90 · Fax: 7 14 87
eMail: info@euro-matic.de · Internet: www.euro-matic.de
Ingolf Othmer
Emilienstraße 44 · D-57072 Siegen
Tel.: 02 71 / 2 38 12 42 · Fax: 2 38 12 43
eMail: info@ballpool.de · Internet: www.ballpool.de
VAN VEEN DESIGN - Jenny van Veen
Postbus 66 · NL-7260 AB Ruurlo
Tel.: 00 31 / 5 73 - 45 33 88
Fax: 00 31 / 5 73 - 45 35 46
eMail: info@vanveendesign.com · Internet: www.ballpool.nl

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