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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2005-Leseprobe

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standalone large-scale aquariums with its "Sea Life Centre" brand. Through its high market share, successful concept, professional marketing, and intensive market knowledge, Merlin has gotten a significant head start on the German market for large-scale aquariums. This market leadership is strengthened by a "mobile" aquarium concept
called "Mickey", which Merlin successfully operates in
Dortmund and Dresden at the moment. The concept foresees an extensive large-scale aquarium especially conceived for transport, changing locations every three years.
The cornerstone was recently laid in Nuremberg for a
second "mobile" Merlin aquarium. Entrance of additional
international chains on the market (such as Ripley's or
Grévin) is only expected within the framework of larger
concrete projects, if at all.
The size of Ripley's aquariums (between 5,000 and 10,000
sqm) and the aquarium in Sydney can be classified as the
maximum aquarium size with a profitable capacity. Likewise, this is the largest expected size for a purely private
aquarium investment in Germany ­ and this would only be
applicable under the very best of location conditions. Larger aquariums can only be realised through public-private
partnership (PPP) with partial state funding, or through
significant corporate sponsoring (communication and
image projects).
Purely publicly financed large-scale aquariums along the
lines of the American mega-aquariums can hardly be
expected in Germany due to the pressure of public funding.
Conceptually, new plans in the area of large-scale aquariums will foresee even further immersion of guests in the
exciting, exotic underwater world. There will be isolated
expansions and supplements of interactive science centre
areas. However, the maximum size of commercially operated aquariums will still be geared to the procurable locationspecific visitor rates (revenue potential), because both
investments and running operating costs correlate with the
facility's incremental size.
Stronger integration of attractive aquarium concepts as building blocks of
mixed-use projects or harbour revitalisation as in e.g. Hamburg or Bremerhaven can also be expected in the future.
After realisation of the mentioned plans
in Germany, it is likely that there will
still be room for a maximum of five new
privately run large-scale aquariums. In
addition, there will be smaller, intelligent, location-related concepts that bank
on successive growth, but attain their
success in the marketplace as usual.

The Author:
Economist Volker Ottenströer,
Dipl. Volkswirt, is the manager of Vota
Freizeit & Spezialimmobilien in Hamburg (www.vota.biz) and for years now
already, has overseen numerous projects
in the area of large-scale aquariums.

Aquariumsprojekte weltweit
Oltremare, Riccione, Italien


Eröffnung 2004
Fläche: 11 Hektar
Direkte Anbindung an Aquafan Waterpark
Besonderheit: hochmoderne Delfin-Lagune
Investment: 175 Mio. $ = 136 Mio.
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA


Eröffnung Herbst 2005
Fläche: rund 8 Hektar
auf ehemaligem Olympia-Gelände
Besucherprognose: 2,2 Mio. Gäste
Investment: 200 Mio. $ = 155,5 Mio.
Ripley's Aquarium, Niagara Falls, Canada

­ Eröffnung 2007
­ Fläche: rund 11.000 Quadratmeter
­ Aquarium ist Teil der 10 Hektar großen Great Wolf
Lodge, einem Familienressort mit Wasserpark,
Wellness und Indoor-Entertainment, das bereits 2006
eröffnet werden soll
­ Investment Gesamtprojekt: 200 Mio. $ = 155,5 Mio.
(EAP, Febr. 2005)

Überwältigend, als stünde man tatsächlich am Meeresboden, wird es in
Großaquarien wie z.B. dem ,,Two Oceans Aquarium" in Kapstadt.

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