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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2005-Leseprobe

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5 Andreas Leicht (Hansa Park) lässt sich von Roger Houben (3DBA)
das Walibi-Modell genau erklären
6 Sehr zufrieden mit der Show: Markus Beyr, GF Kraftwerk, und seine
Assistentin Christina Aichinger
7 Der VDV nutzte die EAS zum Gedankenaustausch


The Big Show
Amusement in Three Quarter Time
Hope and confidence lay at close
quarters when the Euro Amusement
Show 2005 (EAS) opened in Vienna on
January 28th. All of the sceptics were
proven wrong, as the fifth edition of
the European trade fair was completely convincing. Around 8,000 visitors
from 83 countries came to the beautiful Austrian metropolis and were able
to appraise a widely diverse spectrum
of products and services over approximately 8,600 square metres of exhibition space. Whereas local circumstances and insufficient organisation
had given rise to criticism during the
last two years, Messe Wien was thoroughly convincing in its collaboration
with the EAS team, which was assem-

bled by the EAASI and IAAPA partners
in a task and goal-oriented manner.
Certainly, even here, one or two problems arose, such as the quite frequent
changes in the hall layout or the lack
of numbering on the stands. Nevertheless, the exhibitors agreed that the
Euro Amusement Show was a complete
success and proved itself to be THE
trade fair for Europe.
With respect to the visitor structure,
some had hoped to greet even more
Asian and Middle Eastern visitors in
Vienna. More Americans would also
have been welcome, although many
exhibitors acknowledged the fact that
Disney and Universal had indeed
found their way across "the big pond"
to Vienna. As expected, many showmen
from Germany, the Netherlands,

France and Italy also travelled to
The principle behind the opening
times of the exhibition still elicits a
split response. However, the majority
of those asked were very appreciative
of the concept and see an advantage in
the seminars mainly taking place in
the mornings, so that time is equalised
with the exhibition hours. However,
whether the exhibition hall should be
opened at 12:00 or maybe even at
11:00, should be viewed as a side
issue to be regulated in line with
demand. Interest in the seminars was
so great that all of the presentations
were very well attended.
The stream of visitors over the four
days of the exhibition must, however,
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