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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2005-Leseprobe

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Merlin Entertainment sind erfolgreich,
weil sie sich mit ihren Zukäufen bzw.
mit ihren Planungen, auch in Bezug auf
Angebotsdiversifizierung, sensibel im
Markt bewegen, nicht überstürzt handeln und zielgenau investieren. Deshalb
dürften von dieser Seite noch einige
Überraschungen zu erwarten sein.

Nichts desto trotz, auch wenn 2004
nicht zu den Glanzjahren der Branche
gezählt werden kann, so ist der Umkehrtrend offensichtlich. Es gab Ende
2004 so viele Planungen, Projekte und
Neuentwicklungen in der Europäischen Freizeitwirtschaft zu verzeichnen wie schon lange nicht mehr. Der
Bann scheint also gebrochen. Tendenz
steigend! (PP)

Amusement and Adventure Parks
in Germany
Looking Ahead
Even though those who were able to
present very good seasonal results for
2004 were an absolute minority, imminent recovery of the leisure industry is
becoming more and more evident.
After the record breaking heat waves
in the summer of 2003, operators of
amusement parks and leisure corporations in Germany hoped for a meteorologically "normal" summer. According to the opinion of around 80 per
cent of all operators however, the
2004 season was, once again, anything but normal. Yet the meteorologists contend "everything was within
the range of a normal summer for
Central European climate zones."
Without doubt, it's apparent here that
when it comes to weather conditions,
the amusement and leisure parks in
Germany are still among the most
Tourism Factor Amusement Park
The fact that leisure and adventure
parks are being perceived more and
more in Germany as a tourist factor
can be attributed to the endeavours of
operators of medium-sized and large
parks over the past few years and also,

in particular, to their further expansion of co-operations with local tourist
organisations and the hotel and
restaurant industry. Operators who
created overnight accommodations by
building and operating their own hotel
facilities pushed this development
extensively. Whilst the Europa Park in
Rust successfully opened its third
themed hotel, the Colosseo, in 2004
already and held the visitor record for
2004 with 3.4 million guests (plus
300,000 in winter), the Mack family's
park is now even regarded as "the
dynamo of German tourism." Phantasialand Brühl also had a successful
year, noting around 1.6 visitors at
Hotel Phantasia, which opened in July
2003. "Hotel Phantasia really pushed
the growth rate of tourism in the
Rhine-Erft area," as the park announced in late August 2004, backing this
statement up with current figures from
the Statistical State Office. Hotels and
resorts do not only result in benefits
exclusive to park operators such as the
expansion of their own trading area or
the generation of new and additional
visitor groups, but rather, are beneficial to tourism in the overall area as
well. Accordingly, planning continues:
apart from plans for the Safari Lodge
at the Hollywood and Safaripark Stukenbrock, the long-harboured and rerevised plans for the creation of
overnight accommodations at the Tussaud Group's Heide-Park in Soltau are
to become reality. In May this year
already, the first guests should be able
to spend a mini-break at the park's
"Holiday Camp" (as we reported in
issue 1/05). At all rates, with over
1.4 million guests p.a., Heide Park
seemed satisfied with the overall
results of the previous year.
Consumer Behaviour or:
Knowing What Customers Want...
The Hansa Park in Sierksdorf celebrated itself and 2004 as a "year of
magnificent success" after it was
praised by the B.A.T. leisure research
institute as a market leader in the German news magazine stern. Of course,
the North German family amusement
park works hard to maintain its image.
Once again, the Leicht family made
some heavy investments in the upcoming 2005 season. Standing 85 metres

Der bereits im letzten Jahr verfügbare Klettergarten im Playmobil-Funpark war nur ein Teil des
großen ,,gläsernen" Erlebnisareals, das in
diesem Jahr komplett fertig gestellt sein wird.

tall, the "Torre del Mar" will be
Hansa Park's newest landmark at the
start of the season, visible from afar
just like the power-tower "Monte
Zuma". This new attraction is a socalled StarFlyer from the Austrian
company Funtime.
For Rhineland-Palatinate's largest
amusement park, the Holiday-Park in
Hassloch, the 2004 season proved to
be rather dismal in respect to visitor
rates. "All too often, the weather really gave us a hard time," but park
director Wolfgang Schneider summed
up the previous season with 1.1 million guests as "nonetheless satisfactory, despite reserved consumer behaviour." The Belantis Amusement Park
near Leipzig closed its second season
with approximately 483,000 visitors,
tying in on its results of the previous
year. Among those who noted growth
in visitor rates was the Ravensburger
Spieleland. With 320,000 visitors ­ a
jump of 6.5 per cent as compared to
2003 ­ the brand name park operating
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