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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2005-Leseprobe

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If you are looking for reliability, high quality, flexibility,
whole range of capacities at an acceptable investment...

ETF's amusement rides
are always fun
ETF Panorama Pedal
An interactive pedal ride for the entire
family as a circular scenic Panoramic
ride in your favourite area of your park,
possibly incorporating different height
levels. Two models are available: Panorama Pedal (up to 2 adults
+ 1 child) or the Panorama Pedal Plus
(up to 4 adults + 2 children).

ETF Flying Bird
You will feel as "free as a bird"
when you are riding this suspended
driven coaster, swinging past your surroundings and experiencing different
motion such as down
and... up!
Vehicles seat two passengers and
multiple vehicles can be on track.

ETF Ride Systems
P.O. Box 2703
6030 AA Nederweert, Holland
Phone +31 (0)495 626262
Fax +31 (0)495 632323
E-mail sales@etf.nl
Internet www.etf.nl

ETF MultiMover
Trackless, dark-ride and animated
attraction ride system with a high degree of flexibility including crossings,
unlimited rotation, speed changes, forward-reverse driving, track switches,
junctions etc. Vehicles carry up to six
passengers and can be adapted with
interactive elements and on-board

ETF Fantasy Flight
This suspended ride system can be
used in indoor and outdoor applications. The Fantasy Flight ride gives
passengers a feeling of freedom and
also offers a good view of the scenery
they travel past on the flight.

ETF-USA Corporation
P.O. Box 2445
Dalton, GA 30722, USA
Phone +1 (706) 278-2520
Fax +1 (706) 278-9097
E-mail harrell@alltel.net

ETF MysticMover
This trackless, wire-guided, smart system can be utilised in permanent
or temporary indoor family fun rides
or exhibitions. It offers wide routing
flexibility with options for various tricks
such as turns, spins, rectangular
moves and interactivity.
Irrespective options, just plug and play!

See us at EAS Vienna
Booth 411

For more information visit our site:


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