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Lake Greifen Playpark opened its
doors to the remarkable number of
10,000 visitors over the Pentecost
holiday in 2004, just after one year of
development and construction. Since
then, families with children aged four
to twelve can embark on a playful discovery trip in the 2,000-sqm large
areal. The holistically planned indoor
playground was developed and built
by the Migros Zurich Cooperative
together with Ravensburger Freizeitund Promotion-Service GmbH (amusement and promotion service).
Migros' task was to upgrade an outdated, 20 year-old sports and leisure
centre, and position it better with the

core target group of families with kids
while simultaneously securing the cost
effectiveness of the recreational facility. In cooperation with Ravensburger,
a concept was developed and implemented that consolidates a coherent
theme, a well-balanced pedagogic
concept for the attractions at the Playpark, and Migros' marketing goals.
Ten newly developed, unique games
inspire visitors to embark on a trip
around the world and get to know ten
different countries on their "journey".
The attractions are embedded in a hall
that's elaborately designed. The artistic pretence of the wall paintings shows that design suitable for children

Anfassen erwünscht ­ heißt es auch beim großen Walskelett-Puzzle.

doesn't always have to be childish. In
such, adults also enjoy the atmosphere
Phase two of the Milandia project was
successfully completed in November
2004 when the fitness park opened. In
addition to an attractive sauna area
with a one-of-a-kind open air zone
and a heated outdoor pool, visitors
will, of course, also find an area for
beautiful bodies and strong muscles:
with the latest modern fitness devices,
the Swiss and their guests can get
themselves in shape here, or treat
themselves to a massage or physiotherapy. But the 97-sqm large heatable
outdoor swimming pool is the highlight of the Milandia Lake Greifen
fitness park. It's even kept a cosy 36°
in winter and offers everything the
heart desires. A swimming channel
leads directly to the outdoor pool where guests will find numerous ways to
lie back, relax, and take it easy: massage nozzles, neck showers, bubble jet
seats and an integrated whirlpool.
The third stage is to be completed by
mid-June 2005: a natural swimming
pool for people of all ages. Completion of the overall project will then be
celebrated at the grand opening of the
main building scheduled for late October 2005. Apart from a reception and
shopping area, a new restaurant will
await visitors here, as well as a children's paradise with babysitting service
available for infants and younger kids
all year-round. Even conference rooms
for seminars, meetings, and training
can be booked here.

Kinder entscheiden sich für die Ballpools
Informationen und Unterlagen bei:
Kugeln Uwe Steinfeld GmbH
Steinbergstraße 12 · D-37216 Witzenhausen
Tel.: 0 55 42 / 9 32 90 · Fax: 7 14 87
eMail: info@euro-matic.de · Internet: www.euro-matic.de
Ingolf Othmer
Emilienstraße 44 · D-57072 Siegen
Tel.: 02 71 / 2 38 12 42 · Fax: 2 38 12 43
eMail: info@ballpool.de · Internet: www.ballpool.de
VAN VEEN DESIGN - Jenny van Veen
Postbus 66 · NL-7260 AB Ruurlo
Tel.: 00 31 / 5 73 - 45 33 88
Fax: 00 31 / 5 73 - 45 35 46
eMail: info@vanveendesign.com · Internet: www.ballpool.nl

· Spielbälle für Ballbäder
· Ballreinigungs-Service
· Bälle-Reingungssystem

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