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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2005-Leseprobe

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Heide Park Builds Holiday Camp
Sights Set on Mini-Breaks
Some parks such as the Europa Park
in Rust and Phantasialand in Bruehl
emphasise convincing (and cost-intensive) premium hotel offers, while
others like the Heide Park focus on
inexpensive overnight stays. What all
the big parks have in common, however, is their awareness that overnight
stays directly at the park are obligatory in order to increase the visitor's
duration of stay and the potential of
customer loyalty.
It was in this context that Managing
Director of the Heide Park Soltau,
Hannes W. Mairinger, spoke of the
"Holiday Camp" as a "milestone in
the park's 27-year history."
Construction of the camp commenced
in December 2004 and this May, the
"Heide Park Holiday Camp" will
celebrate its grand opening, remaining
in operation parallel to the park's
season until late October. Heide Park
was able to gain the Langnese icecream corporation as its cooperative
partner for the camp. Langnese particularly wants to play an active role in
the camp's event area.

The camp is being built on premises
eight hectares large. 66 colourful
wooden houses constructed in a
Caribbean style will be integrated in
the idyllic forest surroundings, and
offer a total of 440 beds in flats for
two to twelve people. There will be a
kiosk and reception, as well as a common room and an outdoor terrace with
seating accommodations for over 300
people, an event area and spacious
grilling areas.
With the construction of this camp,
Heide Park is catering to a growing
demand of visitors from Germany,
Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.
According to Mairinger, "the camp is
an important step in securing the
economic future and development of
the Heide Park. From now on, people
who are able to get away for more
than a day can visit the park and stay
here for a mini-break."
In such, the yearlong plans for
creating overnight capacities at the
park owned by the Tussaud Group,
which were originally made during
the Tiemann era, are finally going to
be put into action.

Dutch Team: Alex Lemmens (li.) und Bart
Dohmen (Managing Director BRC Europe)

Neues bei BRC
Alex Lemmens wird sich ab März
2005 aus dem operativen Geschäft in
Efteling zurück ziehen. Wer Alex
kennt ahnt, dass er sich nicht vollkommen zur Ruhe setzen wird. Und so
wird er als freier Mitarbeiter mit seiner
Firma Alex Lemmens Productions für
BRC tätig sein. Neuer Managing
Director für BRC Europe ist Bart Dohmen, der in diesem Jahr auch als Chairman die TiLE-Konferenz führen wird.

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