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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2011-Leseprobe

Seite 18 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2011-LeseprobeKrake, Heide-Park Soltau
Type: Dive Coaster
Supplier: B&M
Dimensions: 476 m long; 41 m high;
max. drop of 89°
Capacity: 3 floorless trains with
3 rows for 6 persons each
Investment: 12 mio. Euro
(incl. theming)
Dive into the mouth of a Kraken
and into an old pirate ship was
not realized. TAA had to arrange
a new setting with the props in
the lake on request of the park.

Dare Devil Dive, Six Flags
Over Georgia
Type: EuroFighter
Supplier: Gerstlauer
Dimensions: height 29 m;
length 640 m
Technical Facts: max. speed
83 km/h; 3 inversions
Capacity: 4 cars, 6 seats per car

Foto ©: Michael Schobersteiner

Specials: first Gerstlauer EuroFighter with lap bars instead of
over the shoulder restraints.

Gipfelstürmer, Freizeitpark
Type: Shuttle Family Coaster
Supplier: Gerstlauer
Dimensions: max. ride height 12 m;
length 170 m
Technical Facts: max. speed 50 km/h;
minimum height of passengers is 1 m
Capacity: 14 seats in one train
with 7 coaches
Specials: Two lifts providing a forward
and backward ride; hold position at
the end of both lifts is horizontal. First
Shuttle Famliy Coaster from Gerstlauer.

Einen kompletten Ride-Report lesen Sie in unserer
nächsten Ausgabe. / Please note the whole ride
report in our next magazine issue.

EuroAmusement Professional 4/2011


Just opened!


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