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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2012-Leseprobe

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PP: You are seen as a brilliant doer and go-getter, by no
means a "yes-man". What will a restless success like yourself
want or be able to move and change as the head of the
amusement park industry's leading worldwide association?
RM: Those who know me know I prefer to do things than
to administrate things. But I'm sure that together with the
IAAPA team we can also get some things done. After all,
I'm not a lone wolf and the tasks to be accomplished will be
defined and realized together with the team and the Board of
Directors. Last year I already advocated giving the strategic
development of the association a more long-term orientation
in order to enable greater continuity. I don't expect to change
the world in a one-year term in office, but all the experience
I gathered over the years as Vice President affords me the
opportunity to address and promote larger tasks. And as I
said before, long-term planning is of central importance in

my opinion. So I will definitely continue with what I initiated
last year in the Strategy Planning Committee.
And particularly as a mechanical engineer, the topic of safety
is very close to my heart. Employees from Europa-Park and
Mack Rides have been active on this issue in the various
official committees of the IAAPA for a number of years. I will
also certainly endeavor to work with experts from Germany
and abroad to support the process of standardizing safety
standards as part of my duties.
The third main focal point of my work will definitely be to
advance the continued regionalization of the IAAPA. The
positive development of IAAPA Europe was in my view
instrumental for the entire association. Now the task at
28 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2012

hand is to better coordinate the activities and to reinforce
cooperation. I have advocated the automatic appointment in
the future of the Chairpersons of the European, Asian and
Latin American Advisory Boards to the Board of Directors,
initially as guests and then as full members once the bylaws have been changed accordingly. Your last editorial
highlighted the diversity that is generated by how different
we are, and that's precisely why I see continued regionalization as an enormous opportunity. By strengthening
the special particularities of the regional and continental
markets, we nourish our diversity in order to ultimately be
effective with a strong Board of Directors for
a strong association.
PP: With shows held now on three continents, the trade fair
business has become a major economic pillar of the IAAPA.
But I heard a number of critical voices
at the EAS in London addressing an
increasingly divergent cost-benefit ratio
with trade fair events. The grounds cited
were high costs for material, stands
and personnel caused by too many
exhibitions cramped into an insufficient time space. Some manufacturers
are even considering taking a more
selective approach toward which events
they decide attend in the future. And one
increasingly hears complaints about
rising prices for seminars and special
events during the trade fairs. In other
words, what's par for the course in the
USA doesn't necessarily click with the
European mentality and expectations.
In the end, the fact that the next EAS in
Berlin overlaps with the interbad event
in Stuttgart ­ the largest international
bathing recreation trade fair ­ left
many traditionally loyal EAS exhibitors
speechless. Regardless of how logical
the explanations for this decision may
sound, it remains at best an unfortunate
decision. It looks like the new IAAPA
Board of Directors has a lot to do!
What is your take on the development
of the trade fair business?
RM: The trade fair events certainly play a central role in
the association's activities. The 2011 fair in Orlando showed
improvement again and the development of the EAS and the
Asian Attractions Expo is also positive. In the midst of all this
convention event success, we cannot neglect the benefits for
our members. And in particular I mean the manufacturers as
well. After all, we at Mack Rides are also active at the fairs.
With this problem, it is our job to talk with the members so
as to carefully define the right path to take. It's true that we
have a difficult scheduling situation for 2012. And there was
heavy discussion on the Board, because as a result of the
postponement of the EAS which was originally scheduled to
take place a week earlier, the European event moved closer to

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