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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2012-Leseprobe

Seite 22 EuroAmusement Professional 1-2012-LeseprobeBusinessReport
construction of the "PandaDroom"
restaurant at Efteling which opened
in 2002. Visitors to the 4-D attraction
are guided to an indoor play and
informational area behind the cinema
that reflects the harmony of nature. This
area is half-open out to the restaurant
area, an underwater world featuring
jellyfish-replica lamps, tables and stools
shaped like sea anemones and schools
of fish hanging from the ceiling...

Example: Drievliet

virtually every year. But the top
priority at Drievliet is to upgrade the
existing rides and the surrounding
areas. Jora Vision conducts a "Park
Check-Up" in which its designers
do a comprehensive analysis and
then come up with a concept for
implementing new design elements to
give it a completely new look and feel.
Drievliet features numerous examples
of living proof that attractive rides
need not be replaced simply because
their appearance is not quite what it
used to be. For the 2011 season, Jora
Vision completely redesigned the
reception area behind the entrance at
Drievliet, moving the "Breakdance"
ride to a new location, for instance.
It was relocated to the newly created
LOL Atoll, an acronym for "Laughing
Out Loud Atoll", renamed Draaikolk
(Dutch for whirlpool) and facelifted
with a gigantic whirlpool in the middle
of the ride. The area's pathway was
changed completely and since the
attractions appealed primarily to
young thrillseekers, a colorful new
merry-go-round from Zamperla
adorned with flying fish now represents
an added special attraction for very
young visitors.

The Drievliet family park operated by
the Faaij brothers in The Hague, The
Netherlands, has been a loyal customer
of Jan Maarten de Raad and his team
of more than 40 employees since 2005.
The Dutch amusement park is located
not far from the center of The Hague on
a narrow property near a commercial
zone. As the years went by, the number
of attractions increased and they began
to cramp all the available space. There
was a lack of landscaping design
and attractive decorative elements.
The Faaij brothers Jos, Wim and Piet
joined together with Jora Vision in
the construction of the Mack Rides
"Dynamite Express" Powered Coaster
to point the way for a new direction. An
old mine theme was envisioned for the
260 meter track and Jora Vision came
up with the right design for the
attraction and the rollercoaster's
Es bedarf gar nicht sonderlich
train station. Since then, the Faaij
vieler Elemente, um aus einer
brothers have commissioned
nüchternen Station ein optisches
Jora Vision with new projects
Highlight zu machen.

Specialization & Diversity
"We call ourselves Themeworld
Wizards or The Integrators", says Jan
Maarten de Raad in explaining his
company's concept. We bring theming
and design together in a way that it
works best for our customers. The size
of the budget is not the decisive
In the Jora Vision "Pimp my Ride"
concept, the idea is to make over
individual attractions instead of an
entire area. Drievliet is also home
to many appealing examples of this
additional possibility, such as its old
monorail. The monorail started in 1968
as the very first monorail operating in
Europe. Since Jora Vision "pimped" it,
the monorail is now an Art Deco-style
jewel. And Wim Faaij is also delighted
with the new look of the park's Huss
Troika ride, just another of the more
than ten attractions Jora Vision has
overhauled in the park. "For me, `Gold
Curse`, the new name of the ride, is the
most attractive of all the attractions
that have received a facelift", Wim told
EuroAmusement Professional.

For last year's rebranding of the Walibi
Parks (read more on this starting on
Page 63), Jora Vision built the new
entrance areas in Belgium and Holland
and created new designs for existing
attractions. Futuroscope commissioned
Jora Vision with the design and
construction of an elaborate waiting
area for the Arthur, The 4D Adventure
film which started in December of
2009. Huge ladybugs awaited guests
in the waiting area just like those
that transport visitors to the world of
insects in the film. Thrilled with the
quality of the results, Futuroscope then
38 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2012

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