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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2012-Leseprobe

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Trade Fair
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Distinct International
With some 24,000 visitors from 112
different countries, the FSB and
aquanale international trade fairs jointly
held this past October 26th to 29th
at Cologne, Germany's Koelnmesse
convention center maintained a
consistent level of attendance. Since this
trade fair duo was held the last time two
years ago, the number of exhibitors grew
by ten percent and set a new record with
630 exhibitors from 45 countries. 66
percent of exhibitors and 57 percent of
visitors additionally came from abroad.

Among the exhibitors on hand at the
62,000 square meters of exhibition
space was water play equipment
manufacturer Aqua Drolics from the
Netherlands. The company debuted its
latest product line called "Farm Line",
consisting of a variety of farmyard-style
water play animals and figures. These
spray figures are made of GFRP and
designed to appeal to children. Kids
can sit on a tractor and use buttons and
levers to trigger various water effects.
Swedish water slide manufacturer
Hydro Sport Kanab AB presented
a range of products at the FSB,
including its latest development, the
"Insulating Plug". The plug, which
resembles a rubber tire, is produced
by Hydro Sport's American partner,

Das Unternehmen Hartwigsen feierte 30jähriges Firmenjubiläum mit einer zünftigen Stand-Party in der

Rainer Braun,
Gesellschafter ließ
in seiner Ansprache
die Geschichte des
lebendig werden.

Rave Sports. The inflatable insulation
plug is designed to prevent the loss
of warmth inside tube slides that are
partially exposed to the outdoors and
subsequently to cold and moisture
when they are not in use, for instance
overnight. The plug is filled with air
and positioned to seal off both ends of
the tube. Together with the insulation
of the slide walls, the plug is aimed at
achieving a double warmth retention
effect and reducing the loss of energy.
Thomas Lugnet, General Manager of
Hydro Sport, was satisfied with the
FSB, which was even more successful
for his company this year than the fair
held two years ago.
Play equipment manufacturer Lappset
has repeatedly gained attention

Weggefährten: Auch Firmengründer Uwe Hartwigsen
(re.) war angereist, um mitzufeiern und Freunde und
Kunden ­ z. B. Friedhelm Raatz ­ wiederzutreffen.

Allen Grund zur
Freude: Die HartwigsenGesellschafter Jochen
Bohnet (li.) und Rainer
Braun (re.) konnten
die Feier genießen.
EuroAmusement Professional 1/2012


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