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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2012-Leseprobe

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© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Im SeaWorld Park in San Antonio, Texas, entsteht ein Aquatica-Wasserpark nach dem Vorbild von Orlando. In entspannter
Strandatmosphäre können die Besucher spannende Wasserattraktionen und Tiernähe erleben. Ein Herzstück wird die Wasserrutsche ,,Stingray Falls" bilden, die sich durch eine Unterwassergrotte winden wird, in der verschiedene Rochenarten
leben. Auch ein neuer Raft Ride ist geplant sowie zahlreiche
Wasserspielbereiche für kleine und große Badegäste. Der
Aquatica-Wasserpark wird ein von SeaWorld getrennter Bereich sein, der den Bereich ,,Lost Lagoon" ersetzt. Bereits im
Mai 2012 soll Aquatica San Antonio eröffnet werden.
Und last but not least hat SeaWorld Orlando bereits erste
Details der größten Erweiterung enthüllt, die es jemals im
Park gab: Im Frühjahr 2013 soll ,,Antarctica", das Reich der
Pinguine, eröffnen. (PP)

SeaWorld Parks Enjoy
Positive Result
Last year more than 23 million people
visited the ten parks owned by the
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Group. This represents a positive
result for the operators, but they're not
resting on their laurels.
They have announced three new
attractions for SeaWorld and Discovery
Cove in Orlando. The "TurtleTrek"
attraction, featuring a turtle's journey

as a 360° 3D experience, will already
open this spring at SeaWorld.
TurtleTrek visitors will first enter into
two massive biotopes: One is home to
hundreds of freshwater fish and gentle
manatees, while the second houses
more than 1,500 saltwater fish and
a dozen sea turtles. Afterwards the
guests come to a dome-shaped theater
where a new type of 360° 3D film
experience will make its debut. Every
single film sequence running through
the total of 34 projectors has around 26
million pixels (13 times more than HD).
Visitors can enjoy the wonder
of the ocean from a turtle's
perspective and accompany
the creature on its amazing
The exclusive Discovery
Cove resort, where every
day a small, limited number
of guests can swim with
dolphins, will also open a
new feature this spring. Its
new "Freshwater Oasis"
attraction will provide
swimming adventure as well
as close-up encounters with
otters and marmosets. With
its rainforest roof and clear
springs, Freshwater Oasis
is the perfect addition to the
resort's tropical setting.

Frisch ausgepackt: Die Wagen für
die neue ,,Manta"-Achterbahn,
die in SeaWorld San Diego
eröffnen wird.

26 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2012

FreshWater Oasis heißt die neue
Attraktion für Discovery Cove Orlando,
wo die Besucher Ottern und Seidenaffen ganz nahe kommen können.

Terry Prather, President of SeaWorld
Parks & Entertainment's Orlando
parks comments, "With TurtleTrek
and Freshwater Oasis, we're creating
new motivations for people to travel to
SeaWorld San Diego will also see
the opening of its new Mack Rides
"Manta" rollercoaster in 2012. The
unusual carriages for this attraction
were already presented at the last
IAAPA show in Orlando.
At SeaWorld Park in San Antonio,
Texas, a new Aquatica water park
based on the one in Orlando will open
in 2012. Visitors will be able to enjoy
exciting water attractions and close
proximity to animals in a relaxed beach
atmosphere. The main feature will
be the "Stingray Falls" water slide.
The slide will wind its way through an
underwater grotto that is home to a
variety of ray species. The Aquatica
water park will be a separate area from
SeaWorld, replacing the "Lost Lagoon"
area. Aquatica is scheduled to open in
San Antonio in May of 2012.
And last but not least, SeaWorld
Orlando has already revealed some
initial details about the biggest
expansion plans in the park's history:
"Antarctica", the realm of the penguins,
is set to open in 2013.

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