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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2012-Leseprobe

Seite 25 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2012-LeseprobeBusinessReport

Im ,,Trash Buster"-Theater im
Futuroscope begeben sich die
Besucher auf die Weltmeere
und befreien diese gemeinsam
vom Zivilisationsmüll.
Beim Dreh für die speziell für den Kunden
kreierten 3D-Filme begeben sich die
Akteure vor den bekannten Green Screen.

10 Years of Alterface:
The Next Dimension
One company that has a tradition
of developing both the right product
and, above all, the right strategy is
Alterface. This Belgian company that
develops, markets and integrates
interactive entertainment solutions was
founded on December 23rd, 2001 by
Benoit Cornet, Xavier Marichal and
Alok Nandi. A decade has passed since
then, a decade in which Alterface has
made a name for itself throughout the
world as a specialist for interactive and
media-based attractions. In the case
of Alterface, "media" means primarily
films shown either on large screens or
This all started with the development of
innovative software with which people
could stand in front of a screen and
be recognized, then influencing the

events taking place on the screen with
gestures and movements, interactivity
in the best sense of the word! The
product developed for museums and
science centers is called "StationTM",
and it was installed for the first time
at Mini-Europe in Brussels in 2003.
In 2005 "Caribbean Madness" was
then installed at the Océade water
park in Brussels. In Caribbean
Madness, two players go treasure
hunting in the Caribbean and have
to protect themselves from incoming
cannonballs. When a player gets hit
by one of the cannonballs, a cold
shower follows as a penalty. Water
park operators are only now beginning
to gradually realize that slides are not
necessarily the only type of attractions
they should take into consideration,
a fact underscored by the installation
last year of the first water park 5D
cinema at EurothermenResort in Bad
Schallerbach, Austria.
Alterface debuted "Desperados" in
2005 at the IAAPA show in Atlanta.
With a grin, Benoit Cornet explains,

"That was really an unusual trade fair
for us. We already had a contract with
the Bobbejaanland park in Belgium for
the first `Desperados', but we didn't
actually have a finished product yet. At
the fair, we didn't present much more
than a saddle in front of a screen. We
claimed that dozens of people could
sit in front of the screen at the same
time and interactively influence the
on-screen events... The months that
followed before the first interactive
theater started up in Belgium were by
far the most intense, exciting time in
the company's history. Basically, we
developed the revolution of interactive
cinema. You don't forget a period like
that!" The fact that the installation
at Bobbejaanland took place at all is
attributable to the daring of the park's
Managing Director at the time, Rudi
Rasschaert, who was previously CEO
at Mini Europe and Océade. Rasschaert
knew he could count on Alterface and
the technical know-how of its team.
Like all Alterface attractions, Desperados is based on the continuous

Was vorm Green Screen
gedreht wurde, stellt sich
u. a. so auf der Leinwand dar.

EuroAmusement Professional 2/2012


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