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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2012-Leseprobe

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Magically Enchanted
After the huge success of the
"Wizarding World of Harry Potter"
at Orlando's Islands of Adventure, it
was merely a question of time until
the young magician's magic would
spread to other locations. Along with
the previously announced expansion
at Universal Studios Florida and new
magical theme areas at affiliated parks
in Hollywood and Osaka, London also
quickly staked its claim. To the delight
of British Potter fans, the fully-titled
"Warner Bros. Studio Tour ­ The
Making of Harry Potter" attraction has
now opened in north London.
The attraction was planned by
Californian company Thinkwell. It
is located on the site of Leavenworth
Studios where the eight Harry Potter
films were shot, as such paying tribute
to the movies at their birthplace. Craig
Hanna, CCO at Thinkwell, and his
team quickly grasped that the real

In Londons Winkelgasse sind die Besucher ­ im
Gegensatz zu Orlando ­ eine Armesbreite von
den Schaufenstern getrennt.

value of this attraction would lie in
the authenticity of its exhibits and
in the magic and unique character

of the artworks that were created
for the series of films. The company
subsequently took the design approach
of focusing on this artwork and
presenting it in true-to-life form to the
greatest possible extent. Whereas in

EuroAmusement Professional 5/2012


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