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meters. "This new park is designed to be what we call
a 'compact Center Parcs'. Instead of the now usual
minimum of 800 cottages, we only build 500 on this land.
The consequence is that our total investment capacity is
lower for the 'central facilities', so we had to approach it
differently in order to offer a full Center Parcs experience
to our guests", explains Michel Linet-Frion, Creative
Director P&V Dévelopment. For the first time at a German
Center Parcs vacation park complex, private investors can
purchase the vacation houses and rent them back to Center
Parcs. This process involves Center Parcs selling houses
to private investors in what is known as a "sale-and-leaseback" procedure. Center Parcs then leases the houses
back on the basis of a long-term lease in which it assumes
responsibility for all ancillary, maintenance and renewal
costs. More than 60 houses had already been sold as part
of this approach by mid-September of 2012. In contrast to
other CP complexes, this vacation park will feature twostorey houses all facing southward. 80 percent of the houses
have a view of the lake, while the rest feature a view of the
surrounding forest area, describes Dim Hemeltjen from
M2Leisure who have been hired by the P&V Center Parcs
Group as delegated project manager for the Bostalsee
The German state of Saarland is sponsoring the 130-million
Euro project with its own investment of 32 million Euros,

while the county of St. Wendel has made a silent partnership
contribution of 4.5 million Euros.
The budget for designing the site in a nature-friendly way
is set at 15 million Euros. Jean Henkens, a Center Parcs
veteran of 25 years in the fields of biology and landscape
architecture, is responsible for the design concept for the
site. The planners are determined to plant lush greenery,
particularly around the vacation residences, to promote
maintaining and increasing the area's green surroundings.
General Manager of the new park Esther Puma explains
that some 200 employees are to be employed when the new
complex is finished, with an additional 200 jobs created
through an external cleaning company. Esther Puma has
also been involved in the development of the new vacation
park since 2011, continuing the policy established in its
seven-year management of Center Parcs Hochsauerland
and its 20 years of involvement with the Center Parcs
vacation park company.
The proposed schedule seems realistic and the planners
and operators are optimistic that Park Bostalsee will open
on time in July of 2013. In any case, now that this park is
under construction, the next one is already in planning
and set to go up by the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016 in
Germany's Allgäu region.


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