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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2013-Leseprobe

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1997 witnessed the start-up of the
"Studio" in Montréal, where every
CdS production has been created and
developed ever since. Of the 20 Cirque
du Soleil shows running simultaneously
around the world at present, 13
stationary productions are housed in
permanent theaters developed especially
for the show. Each show has its own
individual character, and up to now there
has been no hint of the "If you know one,
you know `em all" syndrome so often
found with corporate productions.

Foto: © CdS, Matt Beard

standards guarantee the quality that
people now naturally associate with the
name Cirque du Soleil.

Die Taiko-Drums erfüllen
das Mystère-Theater mit
prallem Klang.

2006. "Love" impressively celebrates
the musical legend of the Beatles,
presenting a colorful acrobatic program
enabling the audience to experience the
story of an entire generation with all the
The company has constantly developed
new activities in recent years. In 2010
Cirque du Soleil, James Cameron
("Titanic", "Avatar") and Andrew
Adamson ("Shrek", "Chronicles of
Narnia") came together to bundle
their creativity for the development of
3D theater productions. In January of
2012, Paramount Pictures Corp. and
Cirque du Soleil signed an agreement
for the production of a 3D film with the
title, "Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away".

New theater dimensions
The CdS creative teams have
consistently blazed new, unknown
trails in recent years. The "KÀ" show,
which has run at the MGM Grand
Hotel in Las Vegas since 2004, often
has audience members hardly believing
their eyes. The show's unique use
of the entire theater space and the
resolution of horizontal and vertical
perception are characteristic of this
new generation of shows. The artists
perform on mobile stage elements on
a stage floating in mid-air, sometimes
even vertically, without sacrificing any
of the accustomed Cirque du Soleil
acrobatic and technological finesse.

CdS additionally develops innovative
film and TV content and also creates
productions for commissioned work
for clients including the EXPO
Zaragoza 2008 and the EXPO 2010
in Shanghai. Cirque du Soleil's 2011
partnership agreement with the
fashion label Desigual is more like
the sealing of a relationship between
soul mates. Desigual and Cirque du
Soleil announced their desire to present
art, showbiz and design in a series of

For evidence that Cirque du Soleil
virtually reinvents itself with every
new show, look no further than the
"Love" show that has been running at
the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas since

unusual clothing and accessories. The
first "Desigual inspired by Cirque du
Soleil" collection was presented at
the world's top fashion shows in the
summer of 2011 and has been marketed
worldwide for around one year now.

The mission
Despite all of its ancillary activities,
Cirque du Soleil's basic mission still
remains the top priority: the creation
of extraordinary shows! November
9th, 2012 celebrated the premier of
"Zarkana", the latest stationary show,
at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las
Even after almost 30 years and with
20% of the company now in the hands
of a private equity firm in Dubai, it is
still clear that the show goes on for
Cirque du Soleil! Creativity remains at
the center of all of Cirque du Soleil's
endeavors. For 30 years now, Cirque du
Soleil has been setting new standards
and maintaining its own individual style
despite its inherent creative diversity,
making it the undisputed champion
throughout the world in the industry
and the pioneer of "Cirque Nouveau".

38 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2013

,,Yesterday" ist
einer der Acts in
der Beatles-Show

Foto: © CdS, Tomas Muscionico

Foto: © CdS, Eric Jamison

Das außergewöhnliche
Spektakel ,,KÀ" läuft seit
2004 erfolgreich in
Las Vegas.

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