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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2013-Leseprobe

Seite 21 EuroAmusement Professional 1-2013-LeseprobeAquafantasy, Selcuk, Izmir - TURKEY

In 2000, ABC
sold the first
attraction under
its own name.
The Compact
Flume Ride for
Long Island in the
US state of New
York features one
seven meter drop
and one eleven meter drop situated
next to one another. When the rhythm
is right, a boat on one side can lay a
huge splash on the other boat and its
passengers! In 2003 the breakthrough
came with the mini whitewater ride
called "Mühlbach-Fahrt" at the
Tripsdrill Adventure Park in Germany.
The Fischer family had faith in Willy
Walser's expertise and ordered the first
children's whitewater ride. And from
the very first day, this attraction has
remained a massive success!
Water attractions remain one of the core
focuses at ABC Rides, the name used
for marketing the company's amusement
attractions. Encouraged by the positive
experience with the mini whitewater
ride, Tripsdrill followed up in 2004 with
ABC's next innovation, the "Spritztour",
the world's first interactive boat ride of
this type to feature water cannons that
passengers can shoot.
Along with water attractions, ABC
also focuses heavily on the broadest
possible variety of tower and freefall
attractions. The "Tilt Tower" surprised

Nah am Kunden: Auf
einem Blatt Papier
skizziert Willy Walser
(li.) seinem Kunden,
Mario Müller vom
Familiypark, Details
für eine neue

the industry with
its combination
of a wobbling
tower and an
integrated freefall. Another return
customer, Adventureland in the USA,
was the first buyer of the exciting new
tower in a 14 meter tall model. But
tipping from side to side wasn't enough
for some park operators, so now the
ABC "Multi Motion Tower" at Taunus
Wunderland tips sideways and up to 10°
Multinational Merlin Entertainments
Group discovered the ABC Free Fall
Tower in 2007 for its London Dungeon
and was so impressed that it also
ordered towers for its "Dungeons" in
Hamburg, Edinburgh and Blackpool in
the years that followed. In 2012, four
Free Fall Towers went into operation at
England's Alton Towers, also owned by
Merlin, where they are called "Nemesis
Sub-Terra". In recent years, ABC has
supplied the Merlin Group with more
than 15 attractions.
The fact that satisfied customers come
back is known by both amusement park
operators and attraction manufacturers
alike. So it is little wonder that in
2006 Tripsdrill installed the first ABC

Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ - USA

Odissea 2000, Rossano - ITALY

Aquaworld, Budapest - HUNGARY

2007 eröffnete der Viking River
Splash in Legoland Windsor.

Aquasplash Marineland - FRANCE

EuroAmusement Professional 1/2013


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